PPH Farms welcomes all breeds and disciplines of horse and rider. We strive to provide an easy going, laid back environment to both horse and horse owner. Box stalls or straight stalls are available.

Whether you are into competitive horseback riding or your hobby is horseback riding, PPH Farms offers all of the amenities you will need.

  • 62X120 indoor horseback riding arena
  • 95X80 main barn
  • 100×200 outdoor horseback riding arena

Our facilities include:

  • 62×120 Indoor Exercise Facility
  • 95×80 Main Barn
  • 100×200 Outdoor Exercise Facility
  • 50′ Outdoor Round Pen
  • Heated washroom
  • Heated viewing room

Basic Board

Box Stall: $385.25 + HST

Straight Stall: $327.75 = HST

Additional fees will apply depending on your horses’ specific needs. This can be discussed before the boarding contract is signed. All stalls are bedded with shavings or straw, unless an alternative is provided by boarder. Throughout the year, horses are turned out 24/7, only coming in to avoid bad weather. Glenn and his staff will decide on what constitutes as bad weather. 

*Please note, board is to be paid at the beginning of every month. Should you arrive mid-month the charge per day will be calculated accordingly and due at the time of arrival. If you later choose to move your horse, we are to be given one-month notice. If the notice is not given, board will be collected as per regular terms.

Worming and Farrier:
Horses are wormed on a rotational schedule and all boarders will participate in this regime whether you chose to have an additional charge added on your board and we’ll supply the wormer, or you can bring your own equivalent. We have a farrier that visits the barn on a regular basis and upon your request he can trim/shoe your horse or you may bring in your farrier of choice.

Boarding Contract