For Glenn Pollock, learning the art of horse training began at a very young age. Glenn and his brothers spent all their spare time training their ponies to ride and drive. There never seemed to be a shortage of horses around to teach new tricks or “test drive”.

Over the past 30 years, Glenn has gained an abundance of experience with horses, all the while mastering effective approaches and techniques to handle and train young horses and horses with behavioural issues. The large number of horses that Glenn has trained in his lifetime has equipped him with the tools he needs to deal with a variety of different horses that react, learn, and progress in different ways. He has had the opportunity to work with a variety of breeds as well as a variety of horses destined for different disciplines.

Glenn is kind and patient with horses and works to gain their trust. Once the trust has been gained Glenn is able to move ahead quickly in their training. Keeping in mind, every horse is different and progresses at their own speed. Besides riding or driving Glenn takes the time to work on the little things; picking up feet, blanketing, bathing, respecting their handler, and minding manners in the stall.

Glenn welcomes horse owners to visit their horses throughout their training and come watch how they are progressing. It is best to contact him the night before with a time of arrival so he hasn’t already worked your horse prior to your arrival. Glenn is very flexible and will gladly accommodate your busy schedule; however, Sundays are family or penning days so please keep that in mind.

If you have any particular requests in regards to the training of your horse please make them clear at the beginning of the training period; for example, if you would like your horse to improve at loading on a trailer, or if you would like your horse to be ridden on the road. These are all things Glenn would need to know in advance to allot time accordingly throughout the training period.

Glenn is always honest and straightforward in regards to his opinions and feelings on the suitability of the horse he is training. If he feels there are soundness issues that may inhibit the horse from performing at a certain level or if he feels with several months of training a horse may not be suitable for a certain type of rider you can be sure he’ll share his thoughts and concerns.

All horses are wormed upon arrival. If a horse is coughing, has a runny nose, or appears unfit to handle the training regime, it will be sent home. With horses going in and out of our farm on a regular basis, the health of our animals is our top priority. If a horse needs to have its feet trimmed during the training period Glenn will advise the owner. A farrier regularly visits the barn and arrangements can be made to have its feet done on site or the owner of the horse can make arrangements for their farrier to visit.

Training periods are generally divided by the month. The cost of one month training is board ($327.75) plus $50 per hour of training. . Board includes a straight stall that your horse can call their own, and pasture or free choice hay/haylage. Anything above and beyond must be provided by the owner. If you would like to discuss other options feel free to call Glenn. Worming and trimming is at owner’s expense and trailering can be arranged for an additional fee.

Training space is limited and is booked on a first come, first serve basis.  A non-refundable down payment of $200 is required to hold your spot.

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Training Contract