About Glenn

Glenn was born and raised in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Some might say he grew up in the barn; he has been working with livestock and training horses for as long as he can remember. For most of his life he’s worked beside his three brothers (Gerry, Jeff, and Corey) and his father (Gerald) buying and selling all types of livestock. Glenn has 30 years of experience training horses and it certainly is apparent by the “start” he puts on his young colts.

Glenn has competed at team cattle penning around the Maritimes over the last decade winning his share of belt buckles, blankets, halters, and cash prizes.  He dabbles in the racing ring from time to time and always puts on a good showing with his cow pony.  Over the last 5 years Glenn has become a regular competitor in the reining ring on PEI and always seems to be showing off a new soft and subtle youngster that he has brought along.